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Free Wi-Fi at high speed:

Networking and connectivity has become an important part of this globalised world. We understand the importance of internet connectivity in running a business. And this is the reason why we are providing free Wi-Fi that works at a high speed. The best part is that our Wi-Fi seldom faces any problem in its connectivity.


RO Water, Tea, Coffee

Everything is on us: It is important to feed yourself while working. And equally important is to feed yourself something healthy. We have the facility of RO water in our coworking space to ensure that you are drinking proper potable water. Also, you can say hello to all the long working hours, thatns to the tea and coffee that is provided by us to give you the much needed break in the middle of the work. We give 50+ Tea / Coffee Coupon to enjoy FREE Coffee @ Mr Cowork

Electricity backup

Electricity is never a problem in our office. We have 24X7 backup for electricity. If you are doing something important, we will make sure that your task is not interrupted due to troublesome electricity..


Personal locker

Do you what can make you feel that you actually own the space? Personal locker is the answer. Not everything can be carried day in and out of the office. And therefore, we provide personal locker to you where you can store your personal stuff. These lockers are exclusive accessible to its user only. You privacy is safe in them..

Awesome Desk

We have give equal importance to the infrastructures which are being used in the office. We have awesome desk which makes working looks like fun and also, it adds a professional touch to the entire office area. Best in shared office space in jaipur


Clean washroom

A clean washroom is perhaps the most important thing in any CoWorking space. In fact, we believe that the first thing that you should check while inspecting a space for your office is the washroom of that area. We understand the importance of hygiene and therefore we ensure that our workers keep a clean washroom for your use.

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